9 easy ways to make your employees feel more appreciated

‘Tis the season for giving thanks, and it can start right where you spend the majority of your day, work. Your employees, they are the reason your doors stay open, your revenue grows and your clients are happy. Do they know how much you appreciate them? Here are some easy ways to let them know you appreciate them:

  • Give them little surprises, note cards, thank you cards, a small bouquet of flowers, something special from a local confectionary or a cup of coffee, their favorite blend in the morning.
  • When you are thankful or want to praise, be specific. Tell them how much you really appreciated them staying late these past few weeks to get the project done for your client or that their help with that tricky client really made an impact.
  • Hope for the trickle down effect. If you are complimenting, thanking and praising your employees, encourage your staff to do the same for each other so that they all know that they are important and they are the cogs that move the machine.
  • Be as transparent as possible. In difficult times, they look to you for guidance, you are the boss, be honest, try to be positive and be transparent.
  • Present a personalized gift – something only they would love (gift cards would be perfect Starbucks, bakery, grocery store, movie tickets for the family, bus passes, restaurant gift certificates) perks for going above and beyond on projects.
  • Provide additional opportunity. Maybe extra training they wanted to get or a seminar that they wanted to attend. Make it happen for those trying to better themselves.
  • Instead of handing out cash money, lottery tickets, the scratch kind may be a fun way of thanking someone who stayed late or covered for another employee.
  • Be creative with small gestures like, “You’re a lifesaver” tag and give a bag of lifesavers to the employee. Pinterest can help you be creative.
  • The most affordable and easiest way to show appreciation and thanks is to simply say it when you see them, in the office, at the water cooler, at your staff meeting, just let them know that they are important and you are happy they are on your staff.