Boomerang employees are employees who have left your company, work elsewhere for some time and then return or have an interest in returning. This new generation of employees is not made from the same fabric as baby boomer employees of the past; on average, they stay with their company for one to three years and move on to the next. The advantages of a boomerang employee are high, they know the culture, they know the company, they know the job and in fact, they left to possibly enhance their skill set making them an even more skilled worker for your company.

Consider this, interviewing for a new candidate takes time and money, training a new employee takes a great deal of time and money and getting that new employee up to speed and building trust takes a copious amount of time and effort. Having an employee that your company has already employed once may be the ticket you’ve been looking for, however, it may not.

The feeling that they may leave again doesn’t hold much water. Any and every employee may leave, just because this one left before, doesn’t mean anything, they are looking to come back, and that says something. Maybe the grass wasn’t greener, as a Millennial, they may have felt the need to spread their wings if your company was their first job after college. They’ve grown and now know what you offer is what they want. Be sure the questions are asked in the interview why they left and what has changed to make them interested in your company again in an effort to have all the cards on the table. Also, talk with HR to ensure that the reasons for leaving were simple and that bringing them back won’t reignite hostilities within their former department or amongst employees.

It’s hard to find highly qualified talent; you have a former employee interested in returning to the fold, you could be looking at a big win. Take the emotion and possible excitement out of the equation and rehire with your eyes wide open. Be sure that this rehire is a good fit for the position you have available, otherwise, you may be looking to recruit sooner than you anticipated.