Your contracted time is nearing an end, you have some decisions to make and some work to do to get ready.

  • Contact your recruiter first to see if there is any opportunity to continue on as a permanent employee…or at the very least, extend your contract. There is a good chance that this was simply a contract hire, however, it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if you liked working for the company.
  • Decision time, as an independent contractor you could take this break in jobs to catch your breath if you’ve been working tirelessly (assuming you have been saving properly along the way) or you could start “advertising” yourself and jump right back in to another contract job.
  • Answer this question, do you like the freedom of contract work or would you like the stability of permanent placement? This is a chance to change your path a little, decide which option works best for you and go with it.
  • Love the company and want to pursue a future with them? Talk to your recruiter first, and then have a conversation with your onsite manager. They may not be able to continue your contracted position or even make it full time, but if they don’t want to lose you, they may create another position for you.

If you decide to continue as a contract employee, at your next job, focus your time on doing amazing work, first and foremost, especially if you would like the chance to be hired on as a permanent employee and prove your worth or at the very least, make good connections for future references. It also keeps the door open for any other work that may come your way, if contract employment is your future, you will want that door always open.