job seeker

Everyone is well acquainted with the traditional job seeker: they are applying for the job you have posted, following up with emails and actively on your radar. However, the job seeker you want is the passive one, the one not looking, not applying, in fact, you are not even on their radar. These seekers have a few things in common, they are very good at what they do, they are employed (many times happily) and they are not looking to switch jobs.

The reason you want this passive job seeker is that they are good, you want them on your team and you need to sell your team, your company your vision with them to help them realize that they want to come join you. Branding is everything so make sure you look your best from the inside out. These candidates are very hard to find, they are not out networking, applying for jobs or even keeping an ear to the track for any upcoming job openings. They are happy or at the very least content with where they are in their career.

Finding an elusive candidate quickly and easily requires a professional staffing firm like Avalon Staffing Solutions; they have their finger on the pulse of the industry and know who these great candidates are and what will trigger them to make a career move. A passive job seeker is someone you want to bring your company to the next level; they are worth the extra effort.