Is your potential candidate the right fit for your company culture?

Hiring new employees is time consuming and costly, that’s why you want to nail it the first time. Candidates can look pretty on paper and pull off Academy Award performances in an interview, however, if their personality does not mesh with that of your staff, it is a sure recipe for disaster.

First off, know your culture prior to interviewing. Understanding the environment this candidate may be walking into and prepare, in your head, the best personality types that will thrive in this environment. Take inventory of the successful employees and what makes them successful. Be mindful during an interview that hiring someone with similar personalities and drives, will likely be a good fit for the current and new employees.

Here are some questions that may reveal a little more about this candidate’s style:

  • How would your coworkers describe your work style?
  • What would be your ideal work environment?
  • What would be your least favorite work environment?
  • What expectations do you have of your manager?
  • What can they expect from you?

Get others on board during the interview process. Either have a variety of interviewers in one day or have the candidate come back another time or two to meet with others in the company. Get their take on how this candidate will fit within the company culture and see if you all feel the same way about him/her. All-in-all you need to trust your gut on this if your gut just doesn’t seem to be on board, that’s a warning sign, if your gut can’t wait for them to start, you need to listen to it.